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We offer courses in Real Estate, Real Estate Appraisal and Licensing as a Home Inspector in New York State. To receive an up-to-date brochure, simply call 631-563-7720 and speak with a Career Representative. They will ask you for your name and address and forward you a FREE Career Brochure. To obtain the brochure over the internet immediately, simply go to the following site...  http://www.merrellinstitute.com  
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Simply go to  http://www.merrellinstitute.com for further information, dates, times and prices.
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Go to a major web site: http://www.northamericanassociationnetwork.com  to receive all the latest updates about the industry. 
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http://www.realestatefoundation.org   MAJOR SITE!!!
Call us for further information and a FREE Brochure- 631-563-7720
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